PMI-ACP Lessons Learned: I’m happy to tell you that I PASSED the PMI-ACP communication yesterday (Oct twenty-eight, 2013), a couple of weeks previous my original estimate. Passing any communicating may be a matter of satisfaction and relief, however additional thus after you have endowed massive bucks and time into it. I’m eased that it’s done and over with and that I will reclaim my life currently.

Though I had spent an affordable range of hours in preparation for communicating, I went into it with a wrong outlook. Most PMI-ACP lessons learned post that I had scan gave Pine Tree State control that this communicating wasn’t that arduous, a minimum of not when put next to the PMP communicating. That Pine Tree Statessage instilled a way of self-satisfaction and cocksureness in me. I believed that having an Associate in Nursing IT background and each PMP and authorized commencement Master (CSM) certifications underneath my belt; I ought to be ready to make it this factor while not breaking a sweat. Obviously, I got a reality check early within the communicating. I felt somewhat under-prepared primarily as a result of ‘fast-tracking’ the schedule by two weeks. I used to be significantly short on follow with sample queries.

Exam Preparation

I started my preparation with the Agile Prepcast within the initial week of September. I believed that the Agile Prepcast would be comfortable to pass the communicating. However, to be honest, I found the fabric dry compared to my commencement form, which was fully top-notch (in truth, the most effective coaching I had ever attended). There’s merely no means for an overseas learning program to raised that room expertise. I’m powerful of the opinion that a true room primarily based coaching by Associate in Nursing knowledgeable pedagogue is that the best thanks to “learn” Agile. Thus I don’t very much blame Prepcast thereon side. However, my main concern was with the general length of the Prepcast program. The communicating needed twenty-one PDUs; however, the Agile Prepcast had quite forty hours of podcasts and offered thirty-seven PDUs. Its focus was means too broad. You’ll scan the total review of The Agile Prepcast here.

A week later, I noticed that whereas the Prepcast medium was sensible to urge a general understanding of the ideas, I had to enrich it with a correct study guide to assimilate the fabric. When a short analysis, I ordered a duplicate of electro-acoustic transducer Griffith’s PMI-ACP is communicating schoolwork Guide through Amazon. For those that don’t apprehend, the electro-acoustic transducer movie maker is one of all the commission members for the PMI-ACP certification.

For the whole month of September, I solely watched the Agile Prepcast videos. I spent about 1-2 hours on that in each sitting. I somehow managed to look at most of the podcasts by September-end. On Oct 1, 2013, I took the twenty-five-question final examination for Agile Prepcast and got a score of twenty-three. That was adequate on my behalf of me to urge my thirty-seven PDUs certificate.

On a similar day, at once, when obtaining my PDUs certificate, I visited the PMI website and submitted my PMI-ACP communicating application. Whereas my application was being processed by PMI, I received my PMI ACP training schoolwork study guide from Amazon. It clad (somewhat surprisingly) to be an incredible book – literate, nicely organized, and laconic. I scan it cowl to hide in exactly four (extended) sittings over two consecutive weekends. You’ll scan critique – PMI-ACP communicating schoolwork by electro-acoustic transducer Griffiths for my full review of the book.

PMI ACP training

After finishing the study guide, I began to feel assured concerning my preparation (perhaps a shade overconfident). Concerning a similar time (Oct 12), my communicating application additionally got approved. At once, with no hesitation, I acquired the communicating (though I didn’t book the communicating slot). My application wasn’t elect for Associate in Nursing audit, although I wished it to be (so that I may expertise the audit method initially hand).

In the next couple of days, I scan some lessons learned posts of triple-crown PMI ACP Certification. Through those posts, I came upon a beautiful resource – @ScrumDan’s PMI-ACP Study Guide. This guide is essentially a group of 200-odd necessary topics for communicating with reference links for every topic. I followed most of these links and skimmed through all the fabric totally. I spent a few weeks on this.