A poor reputation can ruin a company in terms of sales, profits, and customer base. Most companies strive to avoid negative content online, and many employ different tactics. If you spot negative information about your company on Goggle, deal with this by instantly removing the post. Seems easy? Not at all! Pulling down information from Google can be a real challenge, particularly if you lack professional expertise. But it’s still possible anyway.

Here are tips to guide you:

1. Contact The Site Owner.

Reach out to the site owner or request a blogger to delete their post. If you give them enough reasons to pull down the harmful content, they may reconsider their opinions about your company.

2. Request Removal

Requesting for removal is a common approach used by many. However, it’s not as effective, in most cases, Google won’t pull down negative information simply because you want to conceal it from others. They only delete information that puts you at risk of financial fraud, identity theft, or harm.

This can be information to do with credit cards, bank details, confidential medical reports, or sexually explicit images. If your content doesn’t fall under these categories, Google will unlikely remove it.

In the case of negative reviews about your company, Google won’t delete them unless they breach their code of conduct. All is not lost, though! You can engage the services of most Reputation Management UK firms, and the specialists will help you pull down harmful content from Goggle.

3. Bury Negative Information

In some cases, it’s not feasible to erase the negative remarks entirely. Nevertheless, negative content poses a significant danger to a company’s reputation and online presence. Another solution would be to bury the negative information by pushing it down the list of search results. And this makes it unlikely to be noticed or draw readers’ attention.

But wait a minute! You require an SEO expert and a reputation management specialist to do this. They understand Google’s algorithms and will optimize your positive content, making it appear top on search engine results.

4. Take Legal Action

Legal action applies to cases of unlawful negative content. This can include online defamation, copyright infringement, and discrimination. However, this may cost you a lot of money and attract more attention to the harmful content. Before taking such an action, consider the repercussions and weigh your options.

How Can You Suppress Bad Links On Social Media?

There are multiple ways to bury bad links on search engine results. The first step involves setting up a new social media profile and staying active on it. Moreover, start a company blog and post quality engaging content often. Link this to authoritative sites relevant to your niche. Lastly, publish images, videos, and other media online and hire experts to optimize your existing content.

Final Thoughts

Harmful content can ruin your company’s reputation, and the effects are apparent. Even if you succeed in erasing harmful content about your business online, this can still happen in the future. Always get hold of damaging information before it spreads online, and keep monitoring your social media pages for any defamatory remarks and reviews.