The time of festivals is the most exciting for people across the world, the same time is equally important for businesses to make out of imagination profits in a shorter time. The conventional means of doing that would be to set up an out of the shop counter and distribute pamphlets to everyone and send some to nearby homes as well. But currently, all the advertising techniques have taken a hit and online is the new space to grab the attention of your target audience. The best way for a business to grow is to make an effective presence both online and offline especially when the audience is scattered largely. Due to Covid-19, a sudden shift in the shopping practice, more and more people have found it safer to not just check things online but buy too. The same way your competitor brands who only sold online have come to profits by choosing to sell and adapt to better means of safety and grabbing the attention of their audience. To talk more about the same and introduce to the game of social media and help sell corporate gifts Gurgaon in abundant numbers through easier means.

Why is Social Media a Better Option?

Shift of Audience

When your audience has shifted to online platforms what makes you wait for them on the same offline platforms. The likings of online media due to ease of accessibility is appreciated by the younger generations more often than not. Proving yourself a reliable source can get you all the attention and profits.

Easier Connectivity

It is easier to find a store online than offline. Moreover sitting at homes and shopping for the most diverse and varied products is a dream come true. Reading reviews online makes your product a valuable one and word of mouth is also always a plus.

The Greater size of the Audience

The size of the audience increases multifold when you find them online. When you make a presence on websites, Instagram, quora reviews, Linked In and more, a lot of people find it easier to reach your shopping portal.

Use of Multimedia

The opportunity to explain about your product through video and audio is a boon, the addition of graphics and an added storyline attracts customers and makes your job easier.


Even if the thought of buying a product you sell arises in the mind of your customers at midnight, they will be able to find your products and brand in a few minutes. The lack of going to a shop makes it more probable for your buyers to make a choice.

How to Make an Effective Presence?

Post on Feed Every day

If you are striking on someone’s search page on Instagram every day, it’s only a matter of two or three days for them to follow you if they find your content relatable. You should post stories, photos, or videos every day to keep a connection to the audience.

Maintain Continuity

Post every day, make sure your deliveries reach on time, send stories and discount options to your followers or customers to be on the top of their mind at all times. For them to keep returning to your page and buying your products

Interactive live and Q and A sessions

Interacting with the audience helps you grab more reach and gain more profits. To keep your followers engaged you should conduct a session where your followers can ask you questions they like and you have to answer as soon as possible. Going live for announcements or during festivals is also helpful.

Maintain Tonality

If you are a brand that plays on emotional appeal for instance your voice should always remain the same. When you write a copy for social media or when you reply to a comment, your thoughts should always be reflected and the culture of your company be visible to all.

Deliver one Message on all Platforms

All your advertisements and PR should always deliver one message. If for instance, the talk is about a sale, all your platforms should talk only about it for the relevant time period. It helps you narrow all your audience towards one goal and shows sincerity and vision.