Call centres are centralised departments where a group of people work to which the phone calls from the current or potential customers are directed. Call centres are used by telemarketing companies, online brands, and merchants, product-related help desks, polling services, charities, or any large organisations which do mobile or computer-related works.

Call centres usually provide services like voice calls, email, and chat support. The main goal is to provide customer satisfaction or to gain a potential customer using the above-mentioned services and help the brand or organisation to improve their quality and build a good relationship with their customers.

Call Centre and Their Importance

Customers always have high expectations for the customer care services of the brand or products they purchase or invest in. Everyone wants their problems to be resolved as quickly as possible. And mobile phones are the first option a customer takes to raise a complaint or to get any help. This is the reason why every brand or organisation should have customer service like call centres as they provide 24/7 service to the customers.

Types of Call Centres

  • Outsourced call centre.
  • Inhouse call centre.
  • Offshore call centre.
  • Virtual call centre.

Outsourced Call Centre

The companies hire a third-party call centre to handle their calls and services. The organisation can outsource inbound call centre services as well as outbound call centre services.ww.exper

Cost and Benefits of Outsourcing a Call Centre

The main reason for outsourcing is to save money. Because the organisation doesn’t have to pay to set up the call centre and they don’t have to invest in sourcing and to train their agents.

Inhouse Call Centre

Usually, the company owns and runs the In-house call centres by itself, and they source their agents.

Offshore Call Centre

Here a company outsources call centre operations from another country. It is mostly done because of timezone differences to make their services available 24/7 and to save money on wages.

Virtual Call Centre

Virtual call centres use cloud call technologies where the call centre agents can work from their home.

Types of Call Centre Services

  • Inbound call centre services.
  • Outbound call centre services.
  • Blended call centre services.
  • Automated call services.
  • BPO services.

Inbound Call Centre Services

In the inbound call centre, the customer service agent receives calls from potential customers. The customer calls the inbound call centre if they have any problems with the organisation’s product or services and the customer service agents resolve the issue through voice call.

Some examples of inbound call centre services are helpdesks, live chats, disaster management, customer service like product or tech support, hotline, order processing, etc.

Outsourcing Inbound Call Centre Services

Organisations that don’t want to invest so much but still want to provide good customer service may choose to outsource inbound call centre services. By outsourcing an inbound call centre, you provide excellent customer service in inbound queries from the customer such as sales queries, feedbacks, etc., without spending so much. The organisation has to find an experienced outsource call centre that provides quality services.

Outbound Call Centre Services

The customer service agent in outbound call centre services makes calls to the existing or potential customers for services like getting feedback, surveys, telemarketing, insurance sales, market research, appointment setting, telesales, etc.

Outsourcing Outbound Call Centre Services

Incredible Benefits of Modern-Day Call Center Software

The organisation outsources an outbound call centre services mostly for the same reasons as to why they outsource inbound call centre services. High quality and well-trained outbound call centres can make your business reach the next level. It can provide you with huge marketing success and business growth that brings you so many new customers.

Blended Call Centre Services

In blended call centres, the customer service agent handles both the inbound and outbound calls as required. This is the best way if the service is related to tech support.

Automated Call Services

Automated call services can also be called electronic call services. When a customer calls for a particular problem, the automated voice directs the customer and takes them through the process to resolve it. The voices are pre-recorded with the help of a computer, based on the commonly received problems and queries. Some examples are interactive voice response(IVR), appointment reminders, voicemails, holiday greetings, etc.

BPO Services

BPO stands for business process outsourcing. BPO services include inbound and outbound call services, electronic call services, email services, and chat services. BPO outsourcing is when a company provides its core business services such as accounting, IT services, consulting, and financial services.