Losing money in the Forex market is very common. But the new traders in Hong Kong don’t know the proper way to embrace losing trades. They are always taking a huge risk to recover the loss. But such an aggressive approach always results in heavy losses. If you really want to make a living out of trading, you must learn to identify the mistakes in your trading system. Though there are many things you need to consider today we will highlight some of the key reasons for which are blowing up the trading account. The main reasons for losing money include:

  • Overtrading
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Trading against the market trend
  • Taking a huge risk in each trade


Overtrading is one of the main reason for which the rookie traders are losing money. Most of the time they think this is the only way to make a profit. But just have a look at the experienced traders in Hong Kong. It won’t take much time to understand why they never overtrade the market. You need to find high-quality trade setups and only then you will be able to make a profit in the long run. And to do so, you must trade the higher time frame. Though higher time frame trading is extremely boring, once you start to understand the nature of this business, you will never overtrade.

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Lack of knowledge

Knowledge is the most essential part of the trading business. Without having precise knowledge about the Forex industry, you are bound to lose money. Being a new trader in Hong Kong, you should visit https://www.home.saxo/en-hk  to learn more about this industry. There are three basic types of market analysis which you need to learn. Learning the technical part is really easy but when it comes to fundamental analysis, you will have to work really hard. Fundamental factors are often considered as the most complex part of this market. But if you seek help from the trained traders, they will give you proper guidelines to trade the high impact news.

Trading against the market trend

Trading against the market trend is one of the key reasons for which you are losing money. It’s true, at times you will find many high-quality trading signals but if you consider the long term trend, you will notice it’s more like trading against the market trend. The majority of the rookie traders will execute the trade at such a moment but when it comes to the professional traders they will simply ignore the trade setup.

Taking a huge risk in each trade

Those who are new to the trading industry, often take a huge risk in the market. They simply want to make more money from this market. But taking a huge risk in each trade is nothing short of gambling. If you want to survive in the market, you must trade the market with low-risk exposure. No matter how good you understand this market, you should never execute any trade with more than 2% risk. Managing the risk factors in the trading business is the most difficult task. You might be very skilled with your trading profession but this doesn’t mean you should execute the trade with high risk. Making consistent profit is a very challenging task. You need to rely on long term goals and trade the market with proper logic. As a currency trader, you need to focus on quality trade setups. Never take things seriously unless you know the proper way to deal with this market.


Making consistent profit in the Forex market is one of the most difficult tasks in any business. However, if you learn to trade the market with proper discipline it won’t take much time to develop your skills learning to trade the market is an art. Once you learn to deal with the complex nature of the market, you can easily make a profit and change your life.